LintEater Jr. 4-Pc. Dryer Vent Cleaning System


SKU: 135499

LintEater Jr., designed for shorter through-the-wall vents, is the most valuable tool you can own to ensure the safe operation of your clothes dryer. Designed for homeowners by a leading manufacturer of professional duct cleaning equipment, the LintEater Jr. provides a means for regularly cleaning your dryer vent system. It effectively removes dangerous lint buildup in almost every type of dryer vent, eliminating a leading cause of house fires. The auger brush and two (2) 18" extension rods screw together for manual or rotary cleaning when powered by your cordless drill (not included). Easy to use, the rotating action of the auger brush and flexible rods scours the vent to effectively clean dryer vent systems up to 6' in length (3' from each side). Reduce drying times, save money on utility bills, and remove lint build-up: it's easy when cleaning with Gardus power!

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