Magna Mag-Torch Regulated Pencil Tip Propane Torch Kit


SKU: 128779

We provide a wide range of products to satisfy all houseware tools. We are dedicated to give everyone the very best houseware tools for all home needs, with a focus on dependability, our client satisfaction and great quality. We provide high-quality modern products to be enjoyed by many clients. Our aim is continuous improvement and user satisfaction through effective implementation and quality of our products. Features Mag-Torch Regulated Pencil Tip Propane Torch Kit, 3 Per Box Brass pencil tip burner Replaceable orifice Adjustable flame knob for economy and control Solid brass valve body for durability Concentrated flame for pinpoint heating Includes 14.1 Oz. disposable propane cylinder Specifications Color: Blue, silver Color Family: Blue Fuel Type: Propane Gas Kit: YES Torches Type: Gas Welding Weight: 7.5 lbs.

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